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Hola La Isla del Encanto! March 15, 2010

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Hello from the Island of Enchantment, otherwise known as Puerto Rico.  Today is the last stop on the Culinary Tour 2010, and it is Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is a self governing unincorporated territory of the United States.  The island is located the northeastern section of the Caribbean Sea.  The nation consists of the main island Puerto Rico, as well as a number of smaller islands.

When Christopher Columbus arrived in Puerto Rico in 1493 the island was inhabited by the Arawak Indians or the Tainos.  At this time the island was called Boriken, but Columbus renamed the island San Juan Bautista in honor of Saint John the Baptist.  It was later that the island became Puerto Rico and the capital was named San Juan.  In 1508 the conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon became the first governor of the island.  On July 25, 1898, during the Spanish American War, Puerto Rico was invaded by the United States.  As an outcome of the war, Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the U.S.  At this point the United States appointed the governor of Puerto Rico.  In 1948, however the U.S. granted Puerto Rico the right to elect their own governor, and Luis Muñoz Marín became the first publicly elected governor of the island.  Since 1917, any person born in Puerto Rico is also a United States citizen, but since they do not live in one of the fifty states they may not vote in federal elections.  Through the years there is always an ongoing discussion of Puerto Rico becoming a state, and people have lined up on both sides of the argument for and against.

This is the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan.

For my visit to Puerto Rico, I decided to make a traditional bread that can be found in many of the bakeries.  It is called Pan de Mallorca.  I found the recipe on a wonderful blog called The Noshery.  It was such an easy bread to assemble and so light and flaky!

It is only lightly sweet, so perfect as a breakfast roll to go with a cup of tea or coffee, or even a very light desert.  This is a recipe that will be repeated many times in the future at my house.

I have so enjoyed this tour of Latin America.  I am planning on keeping it up, visiting a different country each week and focusing on a baked good, either a bread, or dessert.  If anyone would like to join me I will be setting everything up this week.  My first country to visit will be Ireland in honor of St. Patrick’s day and then I will venture on from there.  Please join me or stop in to see the outcomes!  Thank you Joan for letting me tag along on your venture!!


5 Responses to “Hola La Isla del Encanto!”

  1. Joan Nova Says:

    I had Pan de Mallorca on my recent trip. It’s very nice toasted for breakfast too.

    Thank you for your participation and company along the way.

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  3. ap269 Says:

    This looks really yummy. I would be interested in continuing the culinary tour. So, Ireland is next? I’ll check back for the details!

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