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Globe Trotting off to Norway! April 4, 2010

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Do you need a get away?  Have you ever dreamed of visiting Norway?  Are you like me and have the desire to travel but are lacking the funding?  If you have answered yes to any of these then please consider “traveling” with us through your kitchen.  We are venturing off to Norway.

Norway is in Northern Europe, and is part of Scandinavia.

Join us, I know there has to be more to Norway than the Norway exhibit at Disney World’s Epcot!

So whatever food strikes your fancy that is traditional to Norway, or a new modern recipe or even a recipe that has your own spin on Norway cook to your hearts content and then post a blog about it.

Permalink your actual blog post about your adventure below.

Be sure to include a link back to this post in your blog, and include Globe Trotting Bake Off either in the title or in the first few lines of your blog.

Post by Monday, April 12th, or as soon as life allows.

Have fun and enjoy the adventure!!

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6 Responses to “Globe Trotting off to Norway!”

  1. this is an absolutely delicious get away ,will u have it again …coz its way too late for me to prepare a post…i love armchair travel too and shift focus to the kitchen =cuisine and u have me super excited…..

    i was here to leave u an invite n loved ur blog:-)))

    Hullo Happy Sunshine pal, its GOrgeously spring ,blue skies and summer hues, we are so happy and with this happiness lets JOin the Party ,for dear CHaya ‘s BIRTHDAY.[10th april]..yeah its a suprise party for her….and she’s ur pal too….
    and all u need to do is hop at the link below and leave her a birthday message and link any or all of ur deliciousness u wanna bring to the party…..looking foward to u ….at the party and CHaya …is going to love having u over …….
    ANd if possible please send this message atleast to 5 of ur bloggin buddys , we so wanna make her day dont we….

    come to the party ….ur presence n love will make the difference…..

    to bring the joy of the gorgeously stunning Springtime right here

    • loneilteaches Says:

      Thank you so much! Actually even though we say a week Ive been leaving the McLinky up for three weeks, so if you want to do something please do! Next week we head to Denmark! I am going to do a round up after that as we will be about half way through Scandinavia.

      • ap269 Says:

        This is funny. I just posted my Norwegian Wheat Rusks and wrote in my post I wouldn’t mind travelling to Denmark or Finland next because I’d like to make some more recipes from my “Great Scandinavian Baking Book”. And now I read here, that we ARE going to head to Denmark. Hooray!

  2. […] Globe Trotting Bake Off went to Norway this week. Last week I baked knäckebröd from “The Great Scandinavian Baking […]

  3. sallybr Says:

    Well, I am not going to join you guys, because I already have too many things on my plate (pun intended..:-) – but the whole concept is wnoderful, and I will be following you!

  4. loneilteaches Says:

    Okay, so I am making kringla and the dough is way to soft to roll out. I am sticking it in the fridge and will try to roll it out and get them baked tomorrow after work. I’ll keep you updated…

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